Delivery area is limited to Haifa and surrounding, once a week a special delivery will be organized in Tel aviv and Natanya, please contact us, subjected to the logistical capacities of the delivery company.An extra delivery fee might be required for all deliveries beyond the limits of this area.The expected delivery delays are of two working days.The above mentioned delivery delays are for informational purposes only.The delivery delays do not include the time required for the preparation of the chocolates, which are produced upon request.
The client commits to provide trustworthy information concerning the delivery location and his telephone number.Should the client be absent at the moment of delivery, “Les Chocolats d'Elsa” will be exempted of all responsibility concerning the product's quality and reserves its right not to refund such purchase.
For hygiene measures no merchandise will be recollected or exchanged.No complaints will be considered after the deliverer's departure.
“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” commits to employ all available means in order to respect the delivery delays published at this site.