Terms and conditions of use


1.Order confirmation

Every purchase implies the unconditional acceptation of all general terms of sale listed hereunder:“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” reserves its right to modify the present general terms of sale at any moment, without prior notice.The client commits to consult and accept the terms at each purchase.“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” reserves its right to refuse orders in case it would consider them inconsistent or non compliant.Furthermore, “Les Chocolats d'Elsa” reserves its right to reject an order for any logistic reason, including during times of intense activity, since the chocolates are prepared upon request.In case of withdrawal “Les Chocolats d'Elsa” commits to inform its clients under three working days.
 “Les Chocolats d'Elsa”  will refund every dishonored order.


2. Prices

All prices are quoted in NIS (New Israeli Shekels) including taxes, but excluding delivery charges.The client commits to pay the price (product & delivery) as quoted by “Les Chocolats d'Elsa”.Delivery fees depend on the delivery area and on the order's weight.“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” is entitled to modify delivery prices according to the delivering company policies.
“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” reserves its right to modify its products prices at any moment and with no prior notice, the prices charged will be the ones applied at the day of your order.A minimum of 20 chocolates is required to validate your order of single milk or “parve” chocolates.
The pictures and images of chocolates or other products are displayed in this site merely for informational purposes and are devoid of contractual implications.


3. Preparation Time

After acceptance of the order, preparation time is estimated to an average of three working days, depending on the amount of the purchase and the season.“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” commits to inform its clients of any delay or unexpected event.This delay or eventuality could be shortened on an exceptional basis according to our possibilities.
For further details, “Les Chocolats d'Elsa” cordially invites you to contact its Customer Support Service before every purchase.


4. Delivery

Delivery area is limited to Haifa and surrounding, once a week a special delivery will be organized in Tel aviv and Natanya, please contact us, subjected to the logistical capacities of the delivery company.An extra delivery fee might be required for all deliveries beyond the limits of this area.The expected delivery delays are of two working days.The above mentioned delivery delays are for informational purposes only.The delivery delays do not include the time required for the preparation of the chocolates, which are produced upon request.
The client commits to provide trustworthy information concerning the delivery location and his telephone number.Should the client be absent at the moment of delivery, “Les Chocolats d'Elsa” will be exempted of all responsibility concerning the product's quality and reserves its right not to refund such purchase.
For hygiene measures no merchandise will be recollected or exchanged.No complaints will be considered after the deliverer's departure.
“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” commits to employ all available means in order to respect the delivery delays published at this site.


5. Kasherut

All ingredients employed are Kosher Badatz or Lemahadrin and our chocolates are produced under the observance of the most restrictive laws of Kasherut. Some of our chocolates are dairy, some are parve.


6. Allergies

The products listed for sale might contain allergizing agents or traces of allergenic substances.“Les Chocolats d'Elsa” declines all responsibilities in case of allergic complications, known or unknown to the customer after consuming the products offered for sale.For further details, “Le Chocolats d'Elsa” invites you to consult the descriptive files and to contact its Customer Support Service before each purchase.


7 Conservation

All our products are homemade and contain no preservatives or artificial colors.The chocolates must be stored in the refrigerator from the delivery moment, and taken out only a few minutes before serving according to the season of the year, for a maximum of flavor.Temperature or humidity variation are to be avoided.
The chocolates must be eaten during the seven days following their delivery while respecting the storage conditions.


8. Paying conditions

Payment can be done exclusively by Credit Card or Paypal Account when ordering.Payment conditions are the ones prescribed by Paypal.

9. Intellectual and industrial properties

The client has no intellectual or industrial rights over any of our products, their representation or designation.All purchase is destined solely to private utilization and all reselling of the products exposed in this site is strictly forbidden without prior agreement with “Les Chocolats d'Elsa”.